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The 2021 RAM ProMaster Brings Safety and Security to Calgary, AB


The 2021 RAM ProMaster Brings Safety and Security to Calgary, AB

The 2021 RAM ProMaster has all the safety features you expect from a modern auto. However, it goes above and beyond by offering systems that are specifically for a work van. These components help drivers deal with the challenges of handling a large vehicle and make day-to-day operations easier. Expect commercial-grade performance while traveling in Alberta.Here is a closer look at the 2021 RAM ProMaster's safety and security systems.


The 2021 RAM ProMaster Braves the Elements in Calgary

The 2021 RAM ProMaster features the unique Crosswind Assist (which now comes standard on all models and trims). It aids the driver by sensing strong gusts and applying the brakes to individual wheels to ensure that you do not get blown off course or outside of your lane. This element pairs well with the van's Electronic Stability Control, Drift Compensation, Roll Mitigation, Brake Lock Differential, and Hill Start components - maximizing operator responses.


The RAM ProMaster Brings State-of-the-Art Camera to Calgary

The 2021 RAM ProMaster makes backing up a breeze. Moving in reverse can be a challenge for van drivers. However, the available digital safety suite can make the process easier. It relies on an aft-facing camera to provide a live video feed, which mimics the view from the front-mounted mirror. Another optional upgrade, ParkingSense Assist, uses sensors and alerts (both visual and audible) to notify you of any obstructions as you move into a spot.


The 2021 RAM ProMaster Protects Passengers in Calgary

The 2021 RAM ProMaster makes driving safer, but it also protects the motorist and their passengers. The van comes with complete airbag coverage. In addition to advanced multi-stage front units, you get special seat-mounted inflatables and side-curtains - both of which offer additional protection during a perpendicular crash or rollover. Meanwhile, the available forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection can help you avoid accidents in the first place.


The 2021 RAM ProMaster Secures Your Equipment in Calgary

The 2021 RAM ProMaster is a work van, so most owners plan to use it to transport equipment or cargo. Whether you perform flower deliveries or carry valuable tools to a job site, you will want to ensure security. Standard remote keyless entry provides easy access and allows you to lock the vehicle from a distance. An available alarm can provide an additional layer of protection. Finally, when you encounter a flat tire, a standard full size spare and optional compressor kit can help you get safely back on the road almost immediately.

See the RAM ProMaster's Safety Features for Yourself in Calgary, AB

The 2021 RAM ProMaster not only protects you and your passengers but also has systems that make day-to-day driving easier and safer. With a variety of design options, including chassis and extra-long models, you can surely find a layout that best fits your needs.

Contact our Calgary dealership to inquire about the availability, features, design options, and safety systems of the 2021 RAM ProMaster van.