2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2020 Ford Ranger

2020 Jeep Gladiator vs 2020 Ford Ranger

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator isn’t the first time the classic all-terrain vehicle maker has produced a pickup truck for daily drivers. It has, however, been some time since the last attempt at a Jeep truck. This time around, Jeep took a different approach. By essentially taking a Jeep Wrangler and replacing the rear cargo compartment with a truck bed and convertible roof, Jeep has created a pickup truck unlike any before.

The 2020 Ford Ranger flies under the radar a lot since it is a midsize version of the Ford F-150, one of the most well-known pickup trucks of all time. Still, the Ranger manages to be a great solution for shoppers looking for a smaller truck by an automaker that knows trucks. Since the Ranger is essentially a smaller F-150, it looks much like most pickup trucks already on the road. The Jeep Gladiator looks like a distant cousin to all other midsize trucks, but how does it compare in terms of power and other factors? Read the table below to learn what sets the two of them apart.

2020 Jeep Gladiator 


2020 Ford Ranger 

3.6L V6
Engine 2.3L Inline 4-Cylinder Turbo
285 Horsepower 270
USB, AUX, Satellite Radio W/ Trial, AM/FM, Memory Card Slot  Audio Options
USB, AUX, Satellite Radio W/ Trial, AM/FM
10 Ground Clearance (In.)

Comparison Analysis

Between two very different truck designs, the two are honestly quite similar. Although the Ranger uses a turbocharged engine and the Gladiator does not, both have comparable engine power. Not only that, but both have most of the same audio options available. Different sound systems, seat trims, and dashboard arrangements also help to differentiate the two from the inside, but there is one category where the Jeep Gladiator vaults over the Ford Ranger.

Off-Road Capabilities

The higher ground clearance of the Jeep Gladiator gives it a distinct advantage off-road over the Ford Ranger. A 40.8-degree angle of approach in front of the Gladiator is almost double of the same on the Ranger. The angle of departure between the two is almost identical, but a wheelbase over ten inches longer empowers the Gladiator with better traction for climbing large obstacles.