Common reasons your Check Engine light is on

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Common reasons your Check Engine light is on

If you’re like us, doesn’t it sometimes feel that when you see your Chrysler’s check engine light come on it feels like the world stopped turning? It can be one of the most terrifying feelings on the road, but you don’t have to live in fear. Today we’ll take you through some common reasons your Check Engine light is on, and how you can treat the issue!

There is too much oxygen in the engine

Basically all engine compartments today are outfitted with sensors that can detect anomalies in the makeup of your engine. If there is excess oxygen or other gases under the hood, it’s most likely a sign of your catalytic converter wearing down, causing more oxygen than normal to leak. This isn’t a huge problem, but gas mileage and power output could decline.

There is excess water in your engine

If you recently drove through a puddle you might be seeing a yellow light come on in a moment. For a few short moments your engine could become waterlogged, but since engines are hot and water evaporates, eventually your Check Engine light will shut off without incident.

Check Engine light caused by water

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Plugs and hoses are going bad

Your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep engine is composed of many moving parts that all need to work flawlessly to give you the maximum horsepower available. However, sometimes components like spark plugs, timing belts and hoses start to wear out. In these instances your Check Engine light will flash, alerting you to get help when you can.

Your gas cap isn’t on tight enough

Surprisingly, sometimes the culprit isn’t even under the hood. If your gas cap is cracked, not screwed on tight enough or any other reason, your engine will detect that something is wrong and alert you.

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The good news is that Check Engine lights rarely signal something catastrophically bad for your engine. Still, it’s a good idea to schedule service with us when you see everyone’s favorite light turn on. We’ll get you back on the road with the problem erased, so come and see us today!

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