Customer Choice Financing

What is Customer Choice Financing?

Customer Choice Financing give the Choice to the Customer.

  • More choices than an Old traditional Lease
  • More choices than an standard Car Loan
  • The Freedom to decide how to own your New Vehicle

How does it work?

Customer Choice Financing has the benefits of a Lease with the purchasing benefits of a standard Car Loan

The Customer Choice Financing program starts off just like a Lease where the customer has the choice of three term lengths

36 Months / 48 Months / 60 Months

At the end of the term the Customer has three Choices
  1. Return the Vehicle (Just like a Lease)
  2. Keep the vehicle and simply pay the residual balance (Just Like a Lease)
  3. Continue to finance the loan for the balance of the amortization period (Just like a Normal Car Loan)

Customer Choice Financing is NOT A LEASE. You own the vehicle and are not just renting it. But yet it give you the Freedom of choice's that a Old Traditional lease can provide.

Advantages to the Customer

  • Lower monthly payments compared to Standard Financing methods
  • Allows the customer the ability to have a new vehicle in a shorter term with a lower monthly payment
  • Customer can choose from Monthly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, or even Weekly payments
  • You own then vehicle unlike a Old traditional lease which means lower insurance, Payments includes all taxes, and if you choose to pay off the loan there are no addition fees.
  • The loan is completely open so you can put extra money towards the vehicle to pay it off faster at any time with NO penalty
  • Vehicle return option from 36 month, 48 months, or 60 month

Finally a way to Own a Brand New Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram more affordable with options and flexibility to the one that counts the most...YOU!

*For complete details about Customer Choice Financing please contact Renfrew Chrysler Fiat.*

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